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I just bought the pack and received the emails, how can I organize the downloads?

In this video tutorial I show how I give permissions to a user who bought the pack and now proceeds to download and organize everything on their hard drive.

It also contains a tutorial at the end of the video on how to download the 2000+ packs. [ 5 TB | 8 TB | 10 TB ]
This tutorial is also included in question and answer number 13.

Youtube Video Tutorial: 

The pack | Pro | Premium and Ultimate will have all the files to be able to use them in all these formats and in all 3D programs this is not based only on Lumion, these packs are for all programs in general.

The textures and all models are compatible with all programs 3D Rendering and modeling.



*.3ds max, Lumion, D5 Render, Sketchup, Cinema 4D, Blender, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Maya, Substance Painter, Keyshot, Lightwave, Modo, Daz3D, Marmoset Toolbag, Element 3D, MentalRay, Arnold, V-Ray, Octane, Corona, Iray, Maxwell, Redshift, Houdini, Rhino, CryEngine, Archicad, Revit, AutoCAD, Artlantis, Enscape, Clarisse, FelixRender, FluidRay, FurryBall, Render, Iray, KeyShot, Marmoset, Octane Render.



*.max V-Ray – 3ds Max 2012 or higher

*.max Corona – 3ds Max 2012 or higher

*.max Scanline – 3ds Max 2012 or higher

*.Unreal Engine

*.Cinema 4D – VRay




Lumion scenes are in Lumion 10 / 11 version. I decided to put all 60 Scenes in this version because more than 80% of users who use lumion have lumion 10 / 11.


If you have lumion 12, the scenes, settings, effects, etc. They are also compatible since with this version or higher you can run L8 / L9 / L10 / L11 / L12 files.


(Scenes, libraries, and materials are also supported in Lumion 13, due for release in late 2022.)

In each of the packs I explain how to place these files and be able to use them. Anyway to do this you need to go to documents there is a folder called Lumion and there you put the blocks in Library and there is another materials folder and there you put the textures.

The answer is yes! I did several lumion courses but it is not easy, it is much better to have scenes like these already configured and to be able to explore them and make the most of them.
You can analyze the configured textures, natural and artificial lighting, the final settings of each render.


(Each scene has its configuration and they are all different so we need to study all of them to learn)

These settings are ready to just make color filter in photoshop and have a good result.
There are several tips and videos within these packs.

You just need a credit card to make the payment. The payment method is through Paypal, the most used virtual bank in the world and the safest.

Creating a PayPal account is completely free, PayPal is accepted in the vast majority of countries.

(We also accept payments by Payoneer, Revolut, Western Union)

In this link you can see if your country accepts paypal.

Paypal is accepted in more than 200 countries! the most recognized countries where they do not accept paypal are Turkey and Lebanon.

(We also accept payments by Payoneer, Revolut, Western Union)

The packs are paid in dollars since it is the most used currency in the world, but anyway PayPal does the currency exchange automatically depending on your country.

I do not place the automatic payment because I prefer that the client feel satisfied to negotiate directly with me, so I can clarify any questions before making the final payment.
In any case, the links are private so that only people who buy the pack can access.
For that reason it is impossible to place an automatic system.

It is very simple, through PayPal I will send a request to your email for the value of the chosen pack.

Then you will receive an email from Paypal to proceed to pay the pack.


Once the payment is finished, I will automatically give you all the permissions to your Gmail, so you can download all the content of the 3D pack.

(make sure you have a Gmail account, since all the files are in Drive.)

You need to download this program (BitTorrent) o (Utorrent):


I recommend BitTorrent Classic and not the web.

Bittorrent is totally free and legal, virus free it is used to download large amounts of large files at the same time.

Tutorial how to use Bittorrent:

The 200 gb package including the lumion scenes, d5 render and the other additional packages are in Drive Gmail, you will have permissions to download forever.

Packs 5TB | 8 TB and 10 TB package, on the other hand these packs can be downloaded for life without a time limit, since you will have access to all the direct accesses and you will only need to execute to start the download, in question number 13 you can see a more detailed tutorial of this process.

5 TB Pack Pro

8 TB for the Pack Premium 

10 TB for the Pack Ultimate


I will send you an email to your email with all the content in PDF format or when you contact me on my social networks I can send it to you directly.

Send me a message from this link or write me on my social networks:


You need to contact me through my social networks or email.



Communicate with me through social networks,
my Email, Whatsapp or Telegram to acquire these pack


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